Licenses and sizes of image files.


Licenses come in standard sizes ranging from XS to XXL. The table below summarizes the dimensions in pixels which are the standard sizes of licenses (Note that the magazine prints usually require images at 300 DPI to allow rendering quality - When you choose a license for Photo-Graphic-Production, verify that the proposed size corresponds to your technical needs.) :

When you purchase an extended license, we will deliver the largest size available in standard license.

Size Approximate dimensions (pixels) Filesize Dimensions and resolution of printing
XS 256 x 384 pixels (0.1Mpx) 3 cm x 2 cm in 300 dpi
15,0 cm x 10,0 cm @72 dpi
S 512 x 768 pixels (de 0.4 Mpx à 0.5 Mpx) 6 cm x 5 cm in 300 dp
30,0 cm x 20,0 cm @72 dpi
M 1024 x 1536 pixels (de 1.6 Mpx à 1.8 Mpx) 13 cm x 10 cm in 300 dpi
L 1536 x 2304 pixels (de 3.5 Mpx à 4.2 Mpx) 19,5 cm x 13 cm in 300 dpi
XL +/- 2304 x 3456 (de 8 Mpx à 9.3 Mpx) 29,6 cm x 19,5 in 300 dpi
XXL +/- 3744 x 5616 (de 8 Mpx à 21 Mpx) 47,5 cm x 31,6 cm in 300 dpi

Dimensions and weight of the files vary depending on the size of the source file.


The files offered on Photo-Graphic-Production can be used on all types of media, the following license acquired (standard or extended) :


  • Illustration of websites, blogs
  • Realization of newsletters, banners, icons ...
  • Performing all types of digital documents Professionals (slideshow)
  • Creating templates (websites or otherwise) for resale or distribution (extended license)


  • Creating advertisements (magazine inserts, POP, Display urban...)
  • Illustration of magazines or articles Presss
  • Decor Stands
  • Creating all types of print professionals


  • Creating packaging
  • Creating advertising items
  • Creating derived objects (posters, t-shirts ...) for resale or distribution (extended license)


Licenses to acquire depend on your use of the purchased file :

Photo-Graphic-Production offers 2 main types of licenses: the standard licenses and licenses extended.

Standard Licenses(tailles XS à XXL)

Files concerned : images and pictures in JPEG format

Use : These licenses allow you to use images to illustrate all types of documents in any medium without limiting the number of broadcasts: Illustration of all types of business documents (advertisements, press articles, packaging, websites, POS ¨. ..)

So you can illustrate with a standard license: advertising, POP materials, a newspaper article, a website, blog, slideshow, film, a documentary ...

All files offered on Music Production Photo may be used :

  • Unlimited number of broadcasts, displays, prints ...
  • No geographical limitation
  • For a valid license standard set at one year from the date of acquisition of the license.

Make sure the image size you need, licensing standards range from XS (0.12 MP) to XXL (21 + MP).

Extended License (EX)

Files concerned : images and pictures in JPEG format

Use : illustration of products for resale or distribution (postcards, posters, t-shirts, templates ...)

These licenses allow the use of images to the realization of derived objects for sale or distribution or the main element of the product is the image itself.

With an extended license, you can create postcards, posters, t-shirts, web templates or mail ... you can then resell to an infinite number of customers.

The image delivered to an extended license corresponds to the largest size available in standard license


All files offered on Photo-Graphic-Production must be used under the following rules :

  • Any commercial use of photographs of artites is strictly prohibited (resale postcard, poster, digital photo ,...). Only the artist represented in the photo may make a request to purchase commercial license.
  • Files should not be used in contexts that may be degrading for the author or (s) model (s) represent (s) (violence, pornography ...)
  • Files should not be associated with political parties, trade unions or religious movements
  • For security reasons, to use web files can be displayed in more than 640x480 pixels
  • You must indicate the copyright provided by Photo-Graphic-Production for all the use you make of images purchased.