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Photo-graphic-production is an independent online photo library; it offers a photographic collection mainly offering illustrations images for all your print or web publications, from 1 euro.

The illustrations on this online photo library were produced by photographer Olivier Tuffé; all new images are exclusive to the site

About stock photo

Included in this new version, the main theme of the first version of the site, initially based on illustrations on music (musicians, instruments, accessories, electro-mao, ambiance, ...); the photographic collection now covers many topics, both generalists, but not exaustifs on all subjects, that more specific for certain (environment, ecology, citizenship, climbing, ...), simply because they are important themes for the photograph.

This photo library is regularly updated with new pictures that I produced regularly throughout the year. The entire picture is recent fund, the oldest images having a decade. Currently only about 30% of funds photograph was posted. Every week new topics are added to the library.

Catégories - photo-graphic-production.comTo view images on a topic, you can either browse the categories and subcategories menu, in which are classified the different thematics currently available or do a keyword search which will display back the d \ images corresponding to the topic searched. The insights of the images you see on the site are very low resolution and features a protective watermark; for cons, the images you download following a command are in high definition (depending on size and options eu license you chose) and include well on any watermark or overlay.

An independent stock (or why buy images on

"Another image bank, why?" It is indeed a question that can legitimately ask! But the answers are manifold whether from the perspective of the photographer or the purchaser to develop a new online photo library offers different advantages or benefits such as, for examples:

  • editorial independence which eliminates choices and selections broadcasts, sometimes random (not for say arbitrary) images offered on other image banks.
  • transparency in the operation and management of the site and photographic funds face the opaqueness of the market leaders! By buying on you support an independent player in the sector of the image and illustration, you contribute to the perenniality of creative activity, and thus, to enrich the photographic fund and the services offered.
  • competitive rates, similar or lower than other image banks.
  • thematics of specificities and images available only on


Olivier Tuffé - PhotographerWas a photographer, I was born in Orleans in 1967. I worked in various sectors ranging from lab, black and white and color, through the school photography, filming or advertising and industrial photo studios; I also worked for the regional daily press, but especially next lab and black and white print, until the digital, come to end it all. Anyway back to the studio, where I had the opportunity to test the first digital rooms and medium sizes; so I plunged into the world of pixels and am prepared me to computer graphics tools.

More recently, I again worked for daily newspapers as a correspondent and photographer. Although the area is completely devastated, photojournalism is a very good school for those who have never finished learning, like me; it changes the studio, and be on the field can extend his contacts to bring new images on a variety of topics that covers current events: the various facts (accident, fire, ...) to event-with more timeless subjects like sports (climbing), fashion, tourism, environment, urban planning or land, and of course music. This gave me the opportunity to test my writing skills, and discover the many facets of illustrative photography. Since I stuff my regular photo library covering many topics, with strong dominance in the topic "music".

Today, after several years of professional experience in different status (independent to employee), I develop a graphic designer photographer independent activity. Although still working with different broadcast providers (agency, Images), which remains essential for the distribution of his photos with many customers, I chose to develop my own photo library online to be in contact live with a new customer, to provide rich service content specific (initially specialized on the topic of music), and effective in terms of functionalities; the aim being to best meet the expectations of buyers illustrations.

In parallel, I have always taken a creative approach, whether in the lab (aesthetic research on photo papers for chemical treatments: turns, dyes, snacks, Sabatier effect ...) or shooting it that led me to make some collective and individual exhibitions, there is some time.

Regarding the music topic, I realized my first photos of concerts in the early 90s, covering including a first edition of the Jazz Festival of Orleans. From what we could call a "crossing of the desert", I took the photo together there is already a few years.

Question material equipment is merely a means of expression and not an end, just as technology and know-how, you better be well equipped and trained, but above all by the look and the approach is proving a good photographer!