You will find on this page, various information regarding the operation of the site to enable everyone to benefit fully from sercices proposed by Photo-Graphic-Production, including image acquisition and downloading.


Registration on site is totally free. You simply but correctly complete the account creation, in each information requested.


To find an illustration or photograph on a given topic, you can either browse through the different thematic categories of the site or use the search engine: type a keyword into the input box, then press your search by clicking on the button " OK "or" Continue ". After a few seconds, a result page will display in the visual correspondence with the topic searched.


To buy a picture or photograph, you must create an account and you will be identified on the site. Before you order, you must have added at least one product (photography) in your cart. To place your order, you then simply follow the validation process your order, here are the main steps :

  • Page delivery of your order: Choose and confirm your shipping address (in the case of a hardware product only) ;
  • Payment Method: You can initially choose a billing address (not your primary address), then choose and confirm your payment method: depending on your country of residence, you can use the following payment methods : check (France), virememnt bank (euro zone), secure online payment via Paypal, payment credits (if you have a positive balance on your account on the site)
    You must also indicate the intended use (or "destination") purchased the visual
  • Confirm general conditions of sale and use of the site
  • Finalize your order
Once your order and payment have been validated, a link to download the file requested will be activated on your account
Note that you can save valuable time when you pay your order with credit on the purchase of a pack Appropriations on the site, the download link is immediately active on the page showing you your order confirmation.


All products you buy on site are licenses to use photographs or visual representation. To enjoy the rights to use the image you just aqcuérir, you have a period of 72 hours (3 days) to proceed to download your file once your order is confirmed.

Note that you can save time when you pay your order by credit card or PayPal, the download link is immediately active on the page with your order confirmation.

To download the image file format "jpeg", you will find an internet link on your "Order History" when you are logged on the site, where you must click to start downloading the file on the hard drive of your computer. You can download a single file ordered.

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